On the twentieth anniversary of the library December 1st 2014 this website was opened containing the Icelandic bibliography 1534-1844. The history of this bibliography can be traced to the middle of the last century when work began in the National Library of Iceland to make a bibliographic record of all publications by Icelandic authors, works of foreign authors printed in Icelandic and by foreign authors in foreign languages if printed in Iceland. The first part of the bibliography was to cover the period from 1534 to 1844, from the beginning of printing in Iceland to when the printing press was moved from Viðey to Reykjavík. The work on the bibliography carried on until the 1960s and the intention was to publish the end result but that did not happen at this time although printing proofs had been made. In 2005 work started on the bibliography again in the National and University Library of Iceland and it was soon decided to digitize it and make it available on the Internet. On this website a detailed bibliographic description of all publications from this period can now be found. Most entries have a notes section with additional information about copies, print variants, decorations and more.

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